Group Leader

Travis Nicholson


Office:    S14-03-08

Lab:    S14-03-02B

Phone:    +65 6601 6192 (office)




Research Interests

I am an experimental physicist at the Centre for Quantum Technologies. I am interested in ultracold atoms, quantum optics, frequency metrology, quantum information, and highly coherent light sources. My group aims to study quantum information, quantum metrology, and quantum simulation with a degenerate Fermi gas of strontium in a two-dimensional optical lattice.

About Me

I began my career in experimental physics working as an undergraduate scientist in the group of Deborah Jin at JILA, helping to build the first generation of her KRb molecule experiment.

I then performed my PhD research at JILA in the group of Jun Ye, building an atomic clock based on ultracold atoms trapped in an optical lattice. My PhD thesis reported the achievement of the world’s most accurate clock, which neither gains nor loses a second in 15 billion years.

After completing my PhD, I became a postdoctoral fellow at MIT in the groups of Vladan Vuletic and Mikhail Lukin, studying nonlinear quantum optics with Rydberg EIT. During that time my team observed symmetry-protected collisions between photons, and we also realized a trimer molecule of photons.

I am currently a principal investigator at the Centre for Quantum Technologies and an assistant professor at the National University of Singapore. In my spare time I enjoy outdoor sports, classic films, the Singaporean dining scene, and most of all spending time with my wife and daughter.

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