Join Our Team

Experimental atomic physics provides scientific and technical education that is second to none. Due to the rigor and broad scope of training in our branch of physics, alumni from our field typically move onto rewarding careers in academia, industry, and government. We are looking for bright young scientists who share our passion for physics and our motivation to do excellent research.

We are currently building new experiments, so this is a particularly good time to join our team. Building a new experiment is the very best training available in our field. Students and postdocs can expect to become proficient in quantum measurement, highly coherent lasers, laser cooling of atoms, photon detection, electronics, lasers, optics, computer programming, data analysis, theoretical modeling, and more.

Join us for your PhD

To apply for a PhD position with us, please introduce yourself to Travis via email and include your CV. Please also include a copy of your academic transcripts.

Join us for your postdoc

To join our group as a postdoc, please email Travis and include your CV. Experience in experimental AMO physics is required.

Other positions

We often have projects available for undergraduates, engineering students, professional laboratory scientists, and more. Please email Travis to discuss these opportunities.