Welcome to Travis Nicholson’s group. We specialize in experimental physics with ultracold quantum matter and highly coherent lasers. Our work focuses on ultracold strontium trapped in optical lattices, utilizing Rydberg dressing and single-site resolution to study quantum logic, quantum many-body physics, and quantum simulators.

We are located in the vibrant and prosperous city of Singapore at the Centre for Quantum Technologies. Named one of Singapore’s research centres of excellence, the CQT explores the quantum nature of reality through experimental and theoretical efforts in ultracold atoms, trapped ions, quantum optics, ultracold molecules, and quantum information. The centre is part of the National University of Singapore, which is currently ranked the top university on the Asian continent and 11th best globally.

Here you can learn more about our research and our team. Also, if you have a passion for physics and an interest in joining our group, please look at our page on applying to become a member of our team.